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[tales of the abyss fanfic requests]

| tales of the abyss fanfiction requests |
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Is there a plotbunny you've had on your mind for some time already, or an idea you really love and would like to see fleshed out but simply don't have the time to write it? Or perhaps your writing style isn't ideal for your fanfic idea? Or maybe you just want to see more of X/Y doing the nasty because they're just so underloved? Whatever the case may be, if you have an idea or just want more of a certain pairing within the Abyss cosmos, then this is the place to drop off the idea in the hopes a writer or two will pick it up and flesh out the vision for you.

That's the main purpose abyssficrequest; you give details, whether there are tons and tons of them you want abided by, or a simple single-word theme, and people fulfill your request with a piece of fanfiction fitting your criteria. It's that simple.

COMMUNITY RULESDuh, we have rules.

01 » This community's sole purpose is to promote fanfiction within the Tales of the Abyss fandom, meaning only requests for Tales of the Abyss fanfics will be accepted! Posts requesting fic for any other fandom will be swiftly and brutally deleted! Though, requests for crossover fics are allowed.

02 » Malicious harassment will not be tolerated in the slightest. Don't yell at or give someone a hard time just because they have made a unique request or do not want a certain character or pairing in their fic.

03 » When accepting requests, you must have an independant place to post your fanfic. If you have a writing journal or community, then post the link to the fanfic from that place in your comment. If you lack either of those things then posting to abyss_fanfic is reccomended.

04 » If you know of a fanfic that meets the requestees qualifications, feel free to simply link them to it. Saved time is awesome after all.

POSTING FORMATWhen posting a request, please use the following format or something relatively similar. The only requirement is that you put OPEN or CLOSED in the subject line:

» Subject Line: [open/closed, depending on the status of your request. If someone has answered or offered to answer your request, then put CLOSED in the subject line. Until then, all entries start out as OPEN.]
Preferred Character/s: Whatever character/s you'd like to see featured in this fic. May also be substituted for Preferred Pairing if necessary.
Preferred Rating: Because not everyone wants porn.
After that, you are free to add whatever else you feel is necessary for the story you're requesting; the plot, side characters, bizarre kinks that sort of thing.

When accepting a request, simply reply to the requestees entry saying you will take on their request or challenge, or simply link them to a fic you know meets the criteria. You have the option of either writing the fic and THEN posting the link to it, or writing the fic beforehand and posting the link when you finish. Either way is fine.

If you absolutely don't understand these incoherent directions, there is an example post here.

abyssficrequest is currently run by discover. Layout is from snubicons; userinfo is by discover with help from iselia. All fanfiction is property of their respective writers and abyssficrequest holds no responsibility for whatever happens to it through posting links to your works here.