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March 2011
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Introducing myself and a request

Hi! I'm Amethyst, but my friends call me Ame. Um...bad at intros, but it's really rude to join a group and not introduce yourself, right? Big Tales of series fan, especially Abyss and Eternia, so I'm really glad I found this group...and MAN do I sound like a dork. -_-;

Well, um, that's it for the intro...sorry it sucked...

REQUEST time! If anyone feels up to it...


Pairing: Seme!Asch x Uke!Guy
Rating prefered: Anything. From G to NR-17. I'm pretty much happy with anything. But NR-17 would be nice too.

Fluff is enjoyed, angst is enjoyed and so is horror. I'm generally easy to please, so knock yourself out. About the only thing I actually demand is Asch. Must. Be. The. MAN in the relationship. I know he's shorter than Guy, but height isn't a big issue, right? *sweat* Well, unless the character's Edward Elric short...um...yeeeeeeeeah. That's about it. *rubs head* I know it's not a lot to go on and I get irrtated when people requesting stories from me don't give me much detail, but I'm suffering from writer's block. So sorry!!! *cries and hides in a box*

Current Mood: working

I think I wanna take this up. Any specific storyline you want me to follow? (Though at most the rating I'll use is only PG-13)