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Hi! I'm Amethyst, but my friends call me Ame. Um...bad at intros, but it's really rude to join a group and not introduce yourself, right? Big Tales of series fan, especially Abyss and Eternia, so I'm really glad I found this group...and MAN do I sound like a dork. -_-;

Well, um, that's it for the intro...sorry it sucked...

REQUEST time! If anyone feels up to it...


Pairing: Seme!Asch x Uke!Guy
Rating prefered: Anything. From G to NR-17. I'm pretty much happy with anything. But NR-17 would be nice too.

Fluff is enjoyed, angst is enjoyed and so is horror. I'm generally easy to please, so knock yourself out. About the only thing I actually demand is Asch. Must. Be. The. MAN in the relationship. I know he's shorter than Guy, but height isn't a big issue, right? *sweat* Well, unless the character's Edward Elric short...um...yeeeeeeeeah. That's about it. *rubs head* I know it's not a lot to go on and I get irrtated when people requesting stories from me don't give me much detail, but I'm suffering from writer's block. So sorry!!! *cries and hides in a box*

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Adélaïde-Christyne. ♥ [userpic]

Preferred Character/s:
  Luke / Ion, or Synch / Ion. * nosebleed *

Preferred Rating:  PG-13 / R / NC - 17 >8D

Alrighty. To whoever wants to do this, I want DRAMA, please. But not too over the top, please. 8D

And possible some hot mansex somewhere. ^_~

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E X T R E M E L Y Fyre'd U↑P [userpic]

Preferred Character/s: Jade & Luke
Preferred Rating: ANYTHING (porn is nice but not required at all)

This... this is my OTP, gaiz. ._.;; Jade/Luke. Yes. I've been through fomicrychild and FF.net and myriad fanfic collections and the works, and I haven't found anything for my fix.

So my request's a simple one: Jade and Luke. AU, canon, post-canon, pre-canon (whut), ANYTHING. Just... substantial interaction (it doesn't even have to be a pairing! although that'd be a tasty bonus) and relationship development. Just... something lengthy to sink my teeth into. ): Please? ♥

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Ohhh my! I'm glad a comm like this exists!

Preferred Character: Jade
Pairing: Most of the Jade/ pairings are fine...but I can't really see him with Dist. Ugh.
Preferred Rating: R (M). I rarely read lemons (aka NC-17 graphic)

I really can't find many fanfics that focus on Jade, so I'm making a request for some. Could be friendship, romance, angst, deathfic (if that's what you like), comedy, whatever!

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Holy shiz! O.O

I love you people.

Preferred pairings: Jade/Older!Anise
Preferred rating: Anything. Anything about them and I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER.

I don't care. Whatever you people want. LULZ!!! *dies of happieness* My OTP....if only I had some more OTP fanfics...

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Pictomancer Murasaki Revence [userpic]

Preffered Pairings: AschXGuy, what else could I be asking for?XD
Preffered Rating: Anything Goes

I'm not sure if this is allowed... but I wanted to request an AschXGuy fic based on
a fanart I made (Asch and Guy in the Albiore 3?). Something fluffy and funny with lotsa AschXGuy love.
Anything is okay as long as it's NOT ANGSTY.

I needed a story that could cheer me up after a breakup. Ahehehe...

This request is open to anyone who wants to try. I won't be able to be online for a long time, like always. So I'm hoping to find something once I get online-- whenever that will be.^^;; Anyways, thanks in advance.<3

★ [userpic]

Preffered Pairings: GuyxNatalia, or JadexTear. ::Shot.::
Preffered Rating: R, or NC-17. >>;; Me and my fetishes.

Hm, well... for JadexTear, I was thinking of two years after the events of Abyss, Tear goes all angsty over Van or Luke, and Jade just happens to come in, and.... XD
As for GuyxNatalia, I'm not too sure. Perhaps a little vampire AU? Where Guy is the vampire, and Natalia just happens to keep visiting a graveyard, where her dearest parents ::COUGH::LARGOANDSILVIA::COUGH:: rest in peace.

I hope I did this right. XD;;

EDIT 8-27-07: ... my tags are acting up. I've tried to erase the "open", and it keeps popping up. o_o;

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:< I would like Duke Fabre/Susanne fic. Fluffy, angsty, drama, porn, I don't care, just anything.

,-_- Thank you so much, whoever would like to take this...

-The Incredible Begging Egg

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afk [userpic]

Um. This is going to be the weirdest fic request EVAR but.

Preferred characters: Crimson/Zygmunt
Preferred rating: ANYTHING. Crazy mansex, psycho murdering (LOL THAT'S CANON), angst, manipulation, SUPER KAWAII FLUFF... it's all good! :')

Basically, I think we need to eff up ToA even moar. If Luke and Guy can have crazy obscene mansex, so can their family. >:O! I'm not sure how it could be pulled off WITHOUT angst (lulz canon again) but bonus points if you can make it FLUFFY AND MAGICAL.

Now I'll sit back and wait for someone to shoot me for this.

Complete with six fully functional arms [userpic]

Preferred Character/s: Luke x Guy (YES IN THAT ORDER.)
Preferred Rating: I would like to see hot flaming mansex. (Blunt enough for you? :3)

Okay, here's the scoop, guys. I want Luke topping. No one writes Luke topping. Probably because Luke = uke with a side order of Lame. *shot* (I love him dearly but HE IS SUCH A WHINING BITCH SOMETIMES. ... Actually that's probably why I love him.)

Anyway. Luke/Guy is kind of my OTP because Guy is so easygoing I don't see why he can't bottom once in a while >:3 So that is my request! Give poor Luke a chance to do the unf-unf-unfing.

Plz? >_>

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